Partner notification

If your STD test or STD home test shows that you have an STD, that is of course extremely troublesome. Nevertheless, it is very important that your sex partner(s) are also notified, tested, and treated as soon as possible. How to warn a sex partner will be discussed during the treatment consultation. We will offer you to make an anonymous partner notification for you via

STDs are contagious and can be easily transmitted, even if you have no symptoms yourself. That is why it is very important to inform your sex partner(s). In general, you should warn your sex partner (s) from the last 6 months. Sometimes it may be even necessary to warn sex partners you had sex with a long time ago. Whether this is necessary depends on your personal situation, the type of STD you are carrying, and whether you have complaints.

What is Anonymous Partner Alert?

By submitting an anonymous partner alert, you can alert sex partners by sending an anonymous email or text message stating they may have been exposed to an STD and need to be tested for STDs. This message is completely anonymous. Your name and telephone number are not mentioned.

You need a code for an anonymous partner warning via This code must be created for you during your treatment consultation at the StadsKliniek or the doctor. Ask about this during your treatment consultation.

Of course, it is also possible to warn your partners yourself. You can also bring your partner(s) with you to your treatment consultation at StadsKliniek. Please report this when making your appointment.

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